Third Party Reviews

mary hatton | August 17, 2018 |

"Great place to take my boys for a haircut"

Mark Martinez | May 28, 2018 |

"Awesome service"

Don R. | April 07, 2018 |

"Not too satisfied, at least not today. This is the second time I use the check in via the phone app and it still totally sucks. Upon checking in, it indicated there was a 38 minute wait. Well, once again it was not the case. It actually turned out to be a lot longer. This check in system is a joke... Management really needs to update this so called convenient resource to the customers because it's a joke."

Mark Garcia | April 25, 2018 |

"Darlene is the best. They are very friendly. It seems like it is always packed. And they're so good that I go every week."

josue Tapia | February 09, 2018 |

"I wanted to ask her to be my Valentine after she took care of me lol"

Gladyss M. | December 19, 2016 |

"Had to bring my nephew for a quick haircut before the day ended. Staff is really helpful and friendly with kids as well. We came at 8:30pm and they close at 9. Staff did not make us feel uncomfortable because we came in 30 min before they closed. Of course they have screens all over so nobody misses the goal, touchdowns, or shot."

Lee Ortiz | January 13, 2018 |

"It's okay.. only issue is why would there only be two options for tips.. seven or ten dollars...really! Besides the high pricey haircut, the online check in is dishonest. We still had to wait twenty mins to be seen. I think ill just stick to our usual barber. Wasn't impress to say this what the best place ever, or even the young woman that was cutting my son's hair. Kindness goes a long way."

XxsuicideboysxX | December 09, 2017 |

"Messed up my hair a lil"

Ruby Gonzalez | August 01, 2017 |

"I worked at Sport Clips for forever and recently decided to leave. If y'all are looking for me. Message me thru here or call/text me at 9563368386. Thanks! ��"

Santi Guerrero | May 03, 2017 |

"Not good"